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Think Positively

Don't be afraid to work on your computer. If you go into a situation thinking that you can't possibly figure out the problem, 9 times out of 10 you won't. If you really think that the problem is over your head, by all means seek advice from the software or hardware manufacturer's technical support people. If you are having a problem with the hardware and it is brand new or still under warranty, return the item back to the store where you purchased it or return it back to the manufacturer (remember to get a Return Authorization number from the manufacturer if needed).

Before you attempt to fix something though, first make sure it is broken. Have a plan of attack and don't dive into the problem unprepared. You should know what you are looking for and at the very least, know whether it is a hardware or a software problem before you start reconfiguring your software or tearing your computer apart. If the problem turns out to be hardware related, there isn't going to be bright neon signs and a flashing red arrow pointing at the problem when you open up the computer case.

Finally, don't create more problems for yourself while you are trying to solve the initial problem. Solve one problem at a time and don't get carried away. Think before you act and try to anticipate the outcome of what you intend to do. If you are right, it will be a big morale boost.